Situated close to the historic market town of Kendal, Cumbria. Conveniently place to explore in the English Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales

The Farm

Kendalcragg herd of Holstein cattleCragg Farm is a working family farm, extending to some 300 acres (125 Hectares). The farm is all livestock, no arable as the land is to hilly. The farm is included in the Lake District Environmentally Sensitive Area. We have a herd of Pedigree Holstein cattle "Kendalcragg Herd" we rear dairy replacement Heifers (young cows), we also have some beef cattle and a flock of 420 Pedigree Lleyn sheep.

The Cattle
SilagingWe calve the heifers nearly all year round. All the calves are reared on the farm. The cows are housed, depending on the weather from October to May, during this time we feed them silage, conserved grass made during the Summer months. During the Summer the cows are grazed in fields near to the farm, and can be easily seen. Visitors are welcome to view the stock around the farmyard.

The Sheep
Young lambs playingWe have a flock of 420 Pedigree Lleyn sheep.
They lamb from mid March to April and usually rear 2 lambs a year, occasionally some ewes have 3 or even 4 lambs. We also usually have some pet lambs, these are lambs that have been rejected by their mother and they become pets to be hand reared by us. In June we shear the ewes.
Throughout the year we regularly have the sheep in to carryout routine tasks.

Also on the farm we have other animals which you will see. We have a cat - Mops & working sheep dogs - Skip & Gale which are around the farm yard.
In the paddock infront of the caravn we have a few Free Range Hens which can provide the eggs for your breakfast if you so wish. As long as they are laying enough!!!